Wednesday, 20/Sep/2017

Location: Lobby
Keynote • A. Whitworth
Chair: Serap Kurbanoğlu
Lessons from the Borg Cube: Information Literacy and the knowledge of difference

Andrew Whitworth


D311: Panel • IL, research and education

Chair: Louise Limberg

Information Literacy, Research and Education: an International Comparative Perspective

Louise Limberg, Ola Pilerot, Geoff Walton

D312: Pecha Kucha
Chair: Denis Kos
#estasOn Cyberliteracy Campaign a Digital Skills Acquisition Project to Pomote People’s Empowerment

Anna Bröll, Anna Cabré, Pilar Roura

Children’s Information Literacy: a Suggested Framework for Primary Schools in Pakistan

Syeda Hina Batool, Sheila Webber

Dominant Traits of the Information Behavior of Vietnamese Immigrants in the Czech Republic: Influences on Building Their Information Landscapes – Preliminary Paper

Petra Cernohlavkova, Helena Lipková

Information Literacy for Scientific Organizations: Progress by International Co-operation

Paul Nieuwenhuysen

Information Literacy in Portuguese University Context: a Necessary Intervention

Carlos Lopes, Tatiana Sanches, Maria da Luz Antunes, Isabel Andrade, Julio Alonso Arevalo

Information literacy in Street Lighting Industry: Content curation with

Gilbert Charles Faure

D313: Pecha Kucha
Chair: Ane Landoy

Christina Johansson, Marco Schirone

Perceived Information Literacy Skills among LIS Students Enrolled in Public Sector Universities of Pakistan

Bashir Ahmed, Rubina Bhatti, Salman bin Naeem

Public Libraries at the Digital-Information Literacy Crossroads

Jasmina Ninkov

Scatter of Information Literacy Related Information in Scopus and Web of Science According to Power Laws

Tomaz Bartol, Karmen Stopar

Workplace Information Literacy: Competency of Library Professional at University Libraries in Karachi, Pakistan

Muhmmad Yousuf Ali, Khawaja Mustafa

Written Reflections for Student Workers: High-Impact Practices at Work

Rhoads Elliott Stevens, Madeline Mundt

D314: Papers • IL Instruction

Chair: Yolande Maury

International Students’ Expectations of Information Literacy Instruction

Nicole Johnston, Meggan Houlihan, Jodi Neindorf

Creating a Nation of Online Trainers: The Design for Learning (D4L) Model

Loriene Roy, Arden Kirkland, Rae-Anne Montague

Identifying Good Practices in Information Literacy Education; Creating a Multi-lingual, Multi-cultural MOOC

Lyn Robinson, David Bawden

Coffee Break
Location: Grand Large
D321: Special session • Health Information Literacy
Chair: Maija-Leena Huotari

Anne-Kathrin Mayer, Maija-Leena Huotari

Demographic Characteristics and Personality Variables as Predictors of Health Information Literacy in Young Adults

Veronika Kuhberg-Lasson, Anne-Kathrin Mayer

Relationship between Everyday Health Information Literacy and Attitudes towards Mobile Technology among Older People

Heidi Enwald, Noora Hirvonen, Maarit Kangas, Niina Keränen, Timo Jämsä, Isto Huvila, Raija Korpelainen

Examining the Applicability of the Everyday Health Information Literacy Screening Tool in the Context of Energy

Teija Maritta Keränen, Noora Sisko Henriikka Hirvonen, Maija-Leena Aulikki Huotari

Concepts Related to Health Literacy in Online Information Environments: A Systematic Review

Anna-Maija Huhta, Noora Hirvonen, Maija-Leena Huotari

Parents of Children with a Disability or Long-Term Illness: the Importance of Supporting their Media and Information Literacy

Sigríður Björk Einarsdóttir, Ágústa Pálsdóttir

Subjective and Objective Measures of Health Information Literacy: Do They Provide Complementary or Redundant Information?

Anne-Kathrin Mayer

D322: Best practices • IL Education
Chair: Laszlo Z. Karvalics

Hana Janeckova

Partners in Class: A Needs-Based Approach to High School Curricular Support at the National Library of Technology in Prague

Olga Martinová, Pavlína Tvrdá

Information Literacy and Knowledge Management in a UAE University Library

Judith Mavodza

A Finnish Academic Libraries’ Perspective on the Information Literacy Framework

Kati Syvälahti, Janika Asplund

Content Curation for Information Literacy and Knowledge Management in Research settings

Gilbert Charles Faure

Library Sidekicks: Training Student Employees as Peer Instructors

Jessica Helen Long, Jennifer Hicks, Gina Maida

D323: Papers • IL Research
Chair: Jesús Lau

John Crawford

Exploring Information Literacy through the Lens of Activity Theory

Hazel Hall, Peter Cruickshank, Bruce Ryan

A Method Combining Deductive and Inductive Principles to Define Work-Related Digital Media Literacy Competences

Valèria Ligurgo, Thibault Philippette, Pierre Fastrez, Anne-Sophie Collard, Jerry Jacques

Complex and Multivariable: Methodology of Exploring Digital Literacy and Training Needs within the Polish SME Sector

Justyna Jasiewicz, Anna Mierzecka, Małgorzata Kisilowska

Prediction of Academic Performance of the University Students through their Use of Library Electronic Resources and their Self-efficacy

Tariq Mahmood Chohan, Rubina Bhatti, Salman Bin Naeem

D324: Papers • IL in the workplace

Chair: Paola De Castro

From Studio Space and Makerspace to Workplace: Adapting instruction and outreach to fit the needs of Practitioners from the Arts to Engineering.

Rebecca Zuege Kuglitsch, Alexander Watkins

From Transfer to Transition: Scaffolding Instruction Librarian Learning through an Open Access Publishing Assignment

Alison Hicks

Information Literacy in a Post-Truth World: Machines, Lies and New Library Services at My Workplace

Adam Sofronijevic, Aleksandar Jerkov

The Role of Sense of Coherence in Knowledge Sharing

Jannica Heinström, Farhan Ahmad

Information Practices and Library Perceptions of International Graduate Students in the United States

Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe

Lunch time
D331: Papers • IL and ethical issues
Chair: Egbert Sanchez Vanderkast

From Academic Plagiarism to Information Literacy: Mediation in the Ethical Use of Information

Máximo Román Domínguez López, Claudia Escobar Vallarta

Information Literacy in the Age of Fake News

John Nganga Gathegi

News, Fake News, and Critical Authority

John M. Budd, Kristine Nicole Stewart

D332: Best practices • IL in different contexts

Chair: Heidi Päivyt Karoliina Enwald

Governance and Information Literacy at German Universities

Fabian Franke

Libraries and Privacy: the Birth of an Online Course

Monique Schoutsen

Setting up a MOOC for Information Literacy Instruction

Steven Laporte, Lieselot Verryckt

How does Continuing Professional Development Programmes contribute to Workplace Literacy? Successful Frameworks at Singapore Management University (SMU) Libraries

Rajendra Munoo

Don’t Get Faked Out by the News: Becoming an Informed Citizen

Lesley S. J. Farmer

D333: Papers • IL and related concepts

Chair: Karine Aillerie

Salman Bin Naeem, Dr. Rubina Bhatti

Information Literacy and Information Accessibility – Distinctive Features of Information Security

Stoyan Georgiev Denchev, Irena Yordanova Peteva

A Tale of Two Journals: Information Literacy Discourse as Seen Through a Decade of Communications in Information Literacy and the Journal of Information Literacy

Christopher V. Hollister, Emma Coonan, Stewart Brower, Robert Alan Schroeder

D334: Papers • IL in higher education

Chair: Polona Vilar

Tayo Nagasawa

Information Culture and CETYS University WASC Accreditation: The Library as Stakeholder

Ruben F. Martinez-Rocha, Jesus Lau, Eduardo Diaz

Awareness and Use of Massive Open Online Courses as a Lifelong Learning tool for Academic Librarians in Ogun state, Nigeria

Opeyemi Deborah Soyemi, Yemisi Tomilola Babalola

The Impact of Creativity on Information Literacy Instruction

Zachary Newell

KF6: Coffee Break

D341: Best practices • IL in the workplace

Chair: Gordana Latinovic-Rauski

Olga Hart

Information Literacy and Academic Libraries as Working Place

Shahrzad Khosrowpour

Students Get to Know about Workplace Knowledge Practices

Kaisa Puttonen

Flip your Likert Scales to Get Actionable Data

Annie Zeidman-Karpinski, Dominique Turnbow

“Flashbook” Didactics as a Form of Book Promotion

Ganna Onkovych

The Changes from Information Literacy Education to Innovation Literacy Education: The Cases of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Dongrong Zhang, Jingli Chu, Ling Li

D342: Papers • IL in different contexts

Chair: John Nganga Gathegi

Recognizing the Influence of Disciplinarity on Student Inquiry

Clarence Maybee, Jean-Pierre V. M. Hérubel

A Study on How to Equip Students with Scientific Communication Skills

Nihal Menzi Çetin, Buket Akkoyunlu

Information Horizons of Croatian Physicians

Kornelija Petr Balog, Ivana Turk

Food Logging: a Practice-Based Exploration of an Information Literacy Landscape

Pamela Ann McKinney, Andrew Cox, Goodale Paula

Information Literacy Dimensions in a Consortium-Type Structure: Train the Trainer in National Projects from Romanian Academic Environment

Ivona Olariu, Angela Repanovici

D343: Best practices • IL Education

Chair: Serap Kurbanoğlu

What We Stand to Gain: Librarians Leading Collaborative Assignment Design

Kacy Lundstrom, Rachel Wishkoski, Erin Davis

Reaching Out to a Wider Audience: Meeting the Needs of Distance Learning Students

Jana Rimanova, Hana Landova, Kristyna Paulova

Information Literacy Presented in a Blended Learning Environment

Mona Wernbro, Liza Nordfeldt

Flipped Learning’s Use of Information Literacy Classroom in Academic Libraries. A Case Study of Northeast Normal University Library

Ziyu Ning, Chunlei Wang

To Embed Information Literacy in Courses in the School of Architecture – a Collaborative Project Between Librarians and Faculty Staff

Ika Jorum

Information Literacy and Open Educational Resources (OER)

Harrie van der Meer

D344: Doctoral forum

Chair: Sirje Virkus

Librarians’ Understanding of Information Literacy in Academic Libraries in Bulgaria: a Case Study

Katia G. Karadjova

Information Literacy for Elderly People: Bridging the Digital Gap

Iva Zadrazilova

The “Real World” Relevance of Information Literacy

Karen F. Kaufmann

Evaluate Information: Using Web 2.0 Tools to Support Critical Thinking Development Through Literacies on Post-Secondary Students

Florent Michelot

Information Literacy in Turkish Education System

Özlem Şenyurt

Information Literacy in the Workplace: A Conceptual Approach

Tuba Yildirim

A Different Tribe? Teachers and School Librarians Working Together in Five Finnish Schools

Anu Ojaranta

Gala dinner