Thursday, 21/Sep/2017

Invited • JP Accart
Chair: Louise Limberg

Information Literacy (IL) in the academic context: is there a gap between employability competencies and student information literacy skills?

Jean-Philippe Accart

D411: Panel • Theorising IL
Chair: Sheila Webber

Theorising Information Literacy

Sheila Webber, Bill Johnston, Olivier Le Deuff

D412: Best practices • IL in higher education
Chair: Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe

Information Literacy and Education: Teaching ILS at the University of Botswana Library

Rose T. Kgosiemang

Measuring the Importance of Information Literacy Education in Academic Libraries from Students’ Perspective: A Comparative Study among the University of Tsukuba, Fudan University and the National Taiwan Normal University

Qianxiu Liu, Hiroshi Itsumura, Patrick Lo

Mathematics Should Never Be Studied Alone: Tales of Creating a Library Space for Peer Tutoring to Improve Scientific Literacy

Annie Zeidman-Karpinski, Genevieve Schaack

Professional Development for IL Practitioners: A Case Study

Kim Frail, Trish Rosseel, Carla Peck

D413: Best practices • IL in different contexts
Chair: Joumana Boustany

Information Literacy in the Framework of a Network ICT Project in Cuba

Grizly Meneses Placeres, Manuel Osvaldo Machado Rivero, Amed Abel Leiva Mederos, Deymis Tamayo Rueda, Didiosky Benitez Erice

Information Literacy in Inclusive Education: A Team Teaching concept at the TU Dortmund University by German studies and special education

Ingo K. Bosse, Gudrun Marci-Boehncke

Information Literacy and Professional Development of Students Graduating from Library Studies in Bulgaria: the Impact of the Indicators for Intelligent Growth in Modern Society of Knowledge

Ivanka Yankova, Silviya Stantcheva, Kamelia Nusheva, Tzvetelina Dimitrova, Irena Peteva

Digitization Projects of the University Library Belgrade as Propellants in Researchers’ Information Literacy Skills Enhancement

Aleksandar Jerkov, Milena Kostic, Vasilije Milnovic

D414: Papers • IL and related concepts
Chair: Theo JD Bothma

Alternatives to Being Information Literate

Isto Huvila

The Pedagogy of Information Literacy: Using I-LEARN to Teach

Delia Neuman, Hamideh Talafian, Allen Grant, Vera Lee, Mary Jean Tecce DeCarlo

Information Skills which Teachers would Like to Teach and Which Students would Like to Learn: the Survey of Information Literacy in Senior High School

Kazuyuki Sunaga

KF7: Coffee Break
D421: Best practices • IL in different contexts
Chair: Fabian Franke

Comparison of Lessons in 4th Class of Primary School Children

Jana Skládaná

Evaluation! Telling Real from “Alternative” Facts

Kiersten Leigh Cox, James Scholz

Faculty Workshops in a Diverse Environment: Creating a Library Workshop Series in a United Arab Emirates University

David Mark Oldenkamp

Information Literacy Skills for Incoming Exchange Students: Introducing a New Mandatory Course

Marianne Dube

D422: Best practices • IL in higher education
Chair: Angela Repanovici

When School is Work: Learning Goals for Education PhD Students

Lindsay Michelle Roberts

Peer Point: Looking Back on Five Years of Engaging Student-to-Student Support

Vincent Maria Alfons Janssen

Librarians of the World Unite and Take Over: Information Literacy in the Post-Truth World!

Mariann Løkse

Information Literacy in the Service of Research Excellence. Some General Considerations and the Example of the “Promotion plus” Programme at Bonn University

Ulrich Meyer-Doerpinghaus

D423: Workshop • Before You Teach! Assessment Basics: Why, What, & How
Chair: Esther Grassian

Before You Teach! Assessment Basics: Why, What, & How

Esther Grassian

D424: Papers • IL and related concepts
Chair: Lyn Robinson

Environmental Literacy of Academic Librarians

Müge Akbulut, Erdinç Alaca, Tubanur Büyükçolpan, Demet Soylu, Banu Fulya Yıldırım, Nilay Cevher, Serap Kurbanoğlu

Medical Students’ Information Literacy Self-efficacy: Longitudinal Study-protocol Covering a whole Medical Curriculum

Ann De Meulemeester, Heidi Buysse, Renaat Peleman

Workplace Information Literacy Needs: More than the Ability to Google

Gillian Christina Oliver, Sirje Virkus, Katherine Howard

Information Literacy Vis-a-Vis Epidemic of Distrust

Helena Lipková, Hana Landova, Adela Jarolimkova

Lunch time
D431: Papers • IL and related concepts
Chair: Esther Grassian

Print versus Electronic Reading Preferences in South Africa: a Case Study at Three South African Universities

Theo JD Bothma, Janneke Mostert, Leone Tiemensma

Everyday Life Information Needs and Information Seeking Behaviors of Public Library Users in Turkey

Demet Soylu, Serap Kurbanoğlu

Media Information Literacy and Media Didactics of Street Art

Ganna Onkovych

Academic Reading Format Preferences and Behaviors in Mainland China

Peng Xiao, Yantao Pan, Jiuzhen Zhang, Qiong Tang

D432: Papers • IL and higher education
Chair: Almuth Gastinger

Assessing a Library’s Support for Overlooked Components of a University’s Learning Culture

Jon Hufford

Government Information Regulatory Regimes: a Challenge for Information Literacy in Organisations

Maureen Constance Henninger, Christopher Colwell

Help Wanted: Effectively Articulating and Assessing Information Literacy Skills for Employers and Job Seekers

Loriene Roy, Elizabeth Hallmark

D433: Best practices • IL in different contexts
Chair: Ágústa Pálsdóttir

Information Behavior by users of a prison library: a descriptive study

Maria Jeane Santos Melo, Fernando Bittencourt dos Santos, Janaina Ferreira Fialho

Presenting Information Visually: An Essential Skill for Workplace

Olga Hart

Digitization of a Scoring Rubric for Information Literacy

Jos van Helvoort, Stefan Tax

Context is Queen – Connecting Information Literacy to a National Qualification Framework for Higher Education

Astrid Kilvik, Liv Inger Lamøy

D434: Workshop • Advancing Diversity and Inclusion in the Classroom and Beyond

Advancing Diversity and Inclusion in the Classroom and Beyond: Intersectionality and Critical Information Literacy

Juliann Couture, Sharon Ladenson

KF8: Coffee Break
Closing Ceremony