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The Role of Green Libraries in Environmental Sustainability: a Study on Approaches of Academic Library Directors

Müge AkbulutErdinç AlacaTubanur BüyükçolpanDemet SoyluBanu Fulya YıldırımNilay Cevher, Serap Kurbanoğlu

European Information Science Education Project: Harmonizing Information Literacy Skills at the European Level

Kornelija Petr Balog, Tatjana Aparac Jelušić, Serap Kurbanoğlu

Study of the Information Search Behavior by Users of the Legal Area in the Library of the Tribunal Eleitoral de Rondônia, Brazil

Tábata Nunes Tavares BoninFernando Bittencourt dos Santos

The Role of National Medical Library in the Support of Health Information Literacy in Lifelong Learning of Librarians in the Czech Republic

Helena Bouzková, Eva S. Lesenková

How NTNU University Library Promotes Academic Writing Skills: Redesigning the Online Information Literacy Tool VIKO

Marit Brodshaug, Anne Lillevoll Lorange, Anette Hellan Hoøen

Preparation for Teaching in the Academic Library: First Career vs. Second Career Librarians

Jacalyn Bryan

The Information Literacy of Users in the Context of Database Training

Alejandro de Campos Pinheiro, Fernando Bittencourt dos Santos, Monica M. Carvalho Gallotti

Outcome Assessment of Children’s Digital Literacy Instructions of Guangzhou Library, China

Siren ChenQiong Tang, Anqi She

Narrative Identity as Creative Art: Exploring Homelessness and Citizenship Through an Academic Community Engagement Course

Michael CourtneyErika Jenns

Information Literacy Online: An Erasmus+ Project to Improve Students’ Competencies

Stefan Dreisiebner, Alexander Botte, Mate Juric

Information Literacy Competences: Finding, Using, and Managing Information by Nurses in a Specific Health District

Antonia María Fernández-Luque, Victor García-Navas, Olga Molina-Mérida

The Digital University Library as Knowledge Producing Resource and Educational Participant in Nordic Higher Education

Karen HarboKarin JönssonAnne Sissel Vedvik Tonning

The Present Situation and Consideration of Children’ s Information Retrieval Education in Public Libraries,China

Zhuoya Liu

Feedback as a Vital Tool for Custom-tailored Information Literacy Courses for Doctoral Students and beyond

Michaela Morysková, Ludmila Tichá, Tereza Bártová

The Vision of the Reference Librarians in University Libraries in Brazil on the Informational Competence of Users of Digital Reference Services

Ana Roberta Sousa Mota

The Role of Publication Language in Evaluative Judgments: An Experiment and Eyetracking Study

A. M. SalazTeresa MacGregorPriya Thomas

New in Media Education: Wikididactics

Ganna Onkovych

Supporting Research Data Management: Challenges and Approach from an Academic Health Library Perspective

Nele S Pauwels, Myriam Mertens, Renaat Peleman, Ann De Meulemeester

Understanding Professional Competence of Librarians in Information Literacy

Syed Rahmat Ullah Shah, Elena Maceviciute

Why Information Literacy Competencies are Key Skills for Future Portuguese Librarians

Tatiana SanchesTeresa Costa

Co-Design : Integrating Information Literacy into Your Disciplinary Course

Michael StoepelTatevik Zargaryan, Livia Piotto, Christine Furno, Krasimir Spasov

Teaching Science with the I-LEARN Model

Hamideh TalafianDelia Neuman, Allen Grant, Vera Lee, Mary Jean Tecce DeCarlo

Research Progress of Chinese Online Health Information Behavior from 2012 to 2016

Jiyun Wei

Why not Take a Scientific Approach to Teaching Information Literacy Skills?

Annie Zeidman-Karpinski

The Concept, Standard and Education of Critical Information Literacy

Jing ZhangJiaping Lin

Co-Authoring Networks in Information Literacy in Brazil

Marianna ZattarNysia Oliveira de SáCristiana Siqueira